What is Planet Graple

Planet Graple (rhymes with staple) is my personal little blog where I write about “stuff” and I will be offering up opinions,  observations, or memories.   I might even share cool photos and memes if so motivated.  Basically, this is a blog without a theme which is really a theme, isn’t it?  Anyway, my desire is to keep this planet drama free and family friendly and I hope that you will leave here a little better for your experience, or at least certainly no worse.

This is a “free” blog which means that I don’t make any money from it, even though there are ads on this blog, it is WordPress that is taking what revenue they bring in.  Also, please note that I have no control over the content or the placement of the ads, as well.

I do have two other blogs that I tend to populate more often with articles : Postermania which deals with personality posters from all decades and Graple’s Entertainment Archive,  blog dedicated to celebrity oriented topics such as but not limited to: books, magazines, posters, photos, movies, music, etc, with a heavy, but not exclusive, emphasis on stuff from yesteryear.

Thanks for dropping by.  Oh, and if you do decide to leave a comment please note that I reserve the right to edit or even delete comments that are rude, crude, offensive, spam, threatening, etc, again I plan on keeping my planet clean, positive and as drama free as possible.  Thanks for understanding.  🙂