Collecting Animated Halloween Figures

Battery-Powered Halloween Figures

I started collecting these figures a long time ago.  A Dracula in the bargain bin at one of my local department stores was the inspiration for this “adventure”.  For me, in the area that I live, it seems to be getting more and more difficult each year to get a new figure to add to my collection.  But, I do the best I can.

Anyway, let’s take a look at just a few of these adorable collectibles, shall we?

Dracula Standing at Tombstone

This is the grooviest disco vampire. He sings and moves his hips in motion with the music. A very simplistic animated figure, but still a cute little guy to have in one’s collection.

Frankenstein Motionette


This Frankenstein is made by Telco and is from 1992. He is, as you already know I’m sure, part of the Universal Monsters series. Like his other kin in this series, he is battery operated and about 17 inches tall. He growls, his eyes light up red and he is ready to break his chains and make his getaway.

Rocking Frankenstein


This Frankenstein dances to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. He is dressed in bright colors we don’t usually associate with Frankenstein, but that is because he isn’t interesting in scaring anyone, he just wants to PARTY!! His arms moves up and down, his head moves side to side and his eyes glow a ghostly white as he mouths the words to “Thriller”.

Frankenstein Animated Halloween Figure

He is a Universal Monsters Studios animated figure. He dances to “Monster Mash”, his hips swing back and forth, his head turns, and his eyes flash green in time with the music. This is one handsome Frankenstein that is for sure and is made by Gemmy Industries.

Universal Monsters Wolfman Motion-ette

He is a Motion-ette from Telco and he stands 17 inches tall. He is the Wolfman from the classic Universal Monsters series of movies. His eyes glow, his arms are poseable and his head turns. There is also a howling soundtrack. He is motion activated or you can flip his switch and allow him to run all the time, but the howling gets to a person after a bit. 🙂

Wolfman With Guitar

He is a sharp dresser and he would make the perfect lead guitar in a “hair band” that is for sure.  This cutie pie wolfman plays a rock song (but I can’t recall which as I don’t have batteries in the little dude to test him out).

Animated Cat

Not all of my animated Halloween figures are monsters. This cute little guy is, of course, a black cat. He arches this back, his eyes light up and he also makes other cat sounds. He is a charmer, for sure.

Pirate Skeleton

Pirates aren’t the most friendly of people or so he likes to spout off. He says several phrases and dances to the song “Get Down Tonight”. This little guy is made by “Gemmy Industries”

Zoot Suit Animated Skeleton

He sure is handsome in his zoot suit and he knows it. He swings his chain of skulls and dances (moves his hips) to the hip beat of “Sing Sing Sing” by Louis Prima. As you can see, he has never been taken out of his box.

Grim Reaper

What Halloween collection would be complete with the obligatory Grim Reaper. This cute little guy sits on a tombstone and plays an eerie tune on his violin. He laughs a evil laugh and his eyes light up red as do those of the skulls at his feet.

Well, there you have it, just a sampling of some of the cute figures I have in my collection.

© 2016 Glory Miller