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Richie Rich Vaults of Mystery Comic Books

Richie Rich Vaults of MysteryI recently was going through a box of my old comic books that I have had since I was a kid.  Mixed in among issues of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Ghost Rider, Superman, The Green Lantern and other popular comics of the day, I found some old Richie Rich issues.

Now, I will admit that there was a period of time when I was really into Richie Rich but for the life of me, as I look at the majority of these comics, I have no clue what it was about him that I found so appealing at that time.  I can actually remember buying these issues at my local Giant grocery store.   The story lines in most of the Rich comics weren’t all that exciting and in reality were pretty bland and boring, at least to me now as I glance through them.

There is one issue that I know exactly why I purchased it, it was an issue in the Vaults of Mystery franchise. It has a really cool title The Seance at Spectro Castle and of course as you can guess, it had a spooky house and ghosts.  I was hooked as at the time I was reading spooky stories written by authors like John Bellairs, Richard Peck, Scott Corbett and more, but hey these guys are material for a later posting, I’m sure.

Richie Rich The Vaults of Mystery began in November 1974 and lasted until September 1982 with a total of 47 issues.  At the time I bought the VOM issue,  I didn’t know that it was part of an ongoing series and indeed just found this out when I decided to do a little bit of research into this lone issue I have in my collection.  I am sure if I had been aware of the other issues, I would have been trying to get copies for my collection as some of the titles do sound really cool.

I did manage to create a list of all of the titles from the Vaults of Mystery series and I guess I will publish it here as a courtesy to anyone else out there who has an interest in this series.

Richie Rich Vaults of Mystery Title Listing

(01) The Statue Cast A Curse Upon The Riches… That Couldn’t Be Destroyed! (November 1974)
(02) The Frankenstein Gang (January 1975)
(03) The Golden Caller (March 1975)
(04) The World of Germs (May 1975)
(05) The Condor’s Castle (July 1975)
(06) Ghost of Rich Castle (September 1975)
(07) Atoman (November 1975)
(08) The Mystery of Trebor (January 1976)
(09) The Mystery of the Googol (March 1976)
(10) The Voodoo Meanace (May 1976)
(11) The Power of the Youth Maker Can Make Babies of Us All (July 1976)
(12) The Mini Mansion Caper ( September 1976)
(13) The Seance at Spectro Castle (November 1976)
(14) The Fantastic Weapon (January 1977)
(15) Lord Kookley’s Castle (March 1977)
(16) The Land of Shirik (1977 May)
(17) The Great Museum Robbery ( July 1977)
(18) The Man in the Iron Vault (September 1977)
(19) Pirate Ship (November 1977)
(20) Convac (January 1978)
(21) Intruder ( March 1978)
(22) The Haunted Room ( May 1978)
(23) Lightning Robberies (July 1978)
(24) The Moon is Stolen (September 1978)
(25) The Lava Monsters ( November 1978)
(26) Greymoor Castle (1979)
(27) No Lights!  (March 1979) (Not certain of the title for this issue)
(28) The Hot and Cold Running Man (1979)
(29) The Rich Mansion Invaded By Ghosts (July 1979)
(30) Where’s Everybody (September 1979)
(31) Far Far World (November 1979)
(32) The Toy Factory Was a Destroy Factory (January 1980)
(33) The Good Old Days (April 1980)
(34) The Great Game (June 1980)
(35) Turnabout (August 1980)
(36) Money Bugs (October 1980)
(37) The Golden Wizard of El Dorado (December 1980)
(38) The Haunted Fortune (February 1981)
(39) The Big Crime Wave (April 1981)
(40) Four Doored Vault (June 1981)
(41) The Black Light ( August 1981)
(42) The Incredible Shrinking Rich Kid (October 1981)
(43) The Dream Machine (December 1981)
(44) Back in the Stone Age (February 1982)
(45) The World’s Worst Weather (April 1982)
(46) The Vanishing Mystery (July 1982)
(47) Our Millions Are Missing (September 1982)

Well, there you have it, a listing of the Vaults of Mystery Comic books for Richie Rich.

© 2016 Glory Miller


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